Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday marked the start of Passover for this year.  And even though I'm not Jewish, I loves me some matzoh ball soup.  It's been years since I last made it.  I found this matzoh ball recipe online at Recipe Source in 2003.  It was posted by Casey Wilson and was apparently exported from Master Cook.  All I can say is it's great!  The soup is something I put together to go with it.

Matzoh Ball Soup

2 Tbs melted fat or oil
2 large eggs, slightly beaten
1/2 C Matzoh meal
1 tsp salt
2 Tbs soup stock or water

Blend fat, or oil, and eggs together.  Add matzoh meal and salt mixture to egg and blend well.  Then add soup stock or water and mix until uniform.  Cover mixing bowl and place in refrigerator for 15 minutes.  Using a two or three quart pot bring 1 1/2 quarts of slightly salted water (no salt if desired) to a brisk boil.  Reduce flame, and into the slightly boiling water drop balls approximately 1 inch in diameter formed from mixture from refrigerator.  Cover pot and cook 30 to 40 minutes.  Have soup at room temperature, or warmer, and remove matzoh balls from water and place in soup pot.  When ready to serve, allow soup to simmer for about 5 minutes.  Makes about eight balls.

My substitutions/additions:
  • I use Crisco as the fat.  I know...  But I swear it's one of the very few things I use Crisco for.
  • I use Manischewitz brand matzo meal.

My Broth
2 32 oz boxes "Kitchen Basics" Natural Roasted Vegetable Stock
1 large onion, cut
2 carrots peeled and cut
2 celery stalks washed and cut
3 cloves garlic pressed
1/4 Tbs Better than Bullion
S&P to taste

Wrap veggies in cheese cloth.  Heat stock, add vegetables.  Boil vegetables in broth and water until soft while making Matzoh balls.  Follow the directions on the matzoh balls for cooking them.

My substitutions/additions:
  • Last night I used Imagine Organic No-Chicken Broth instead of Kitchen Basics.  One box plus 4 C of water.
  • I also didn't bother straining the vegetables out.

Really great!  I don't know why I don't make this more often.  Mr. Crackers on the Couch loves these, though the kids wouldn't go for it.  Maybe next year...  Total Keeper.


  1. Hello! I stumbled on your blog from BBC, love it! I'm half Jewish so I love a good matzoh ball soup recipe (and btw, nice work using the Manischewitz brand, extra points). Our family secret is adding cinnamon to the matzoh balls.

  2. Ooh! I never thought to add any spices! I'll have to try that next year! =)


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