Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Halibut for the Heck-of-it...

 As the chief cook and veggie washer in the CotC household, I find the best thing about fish is how quickly it cooks up.  I snagged this recipe off the Net one day when I bought some halibut on sale.  I didn't write down all the instructions, so I had to guess what I was supposed to do this time.  I know.  I did myself a favor there...  It's a very simple recipe using mostly things you probably already have in the pantry.

Broiled Halibut

2 lbs halibut
1 large lemon
olive oil
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tbs dill weed
broil 15-20 minutes

That's all I have.  So this is what I did:
Poured juice of 1 lemon over fish, then drizzle of olive oil.  Then, I sprinkled the salt, garlic powder, and dill seed over the fish and popped it in the broiler.  What I probably should have done: combine juice of 1 lemon with olive oil and dry ingredients to make a marinade.  Pour that over the fish and broil it.  Maybe top with a lemon slice...

My substitutions/additions:
  • I only used 1 lb of halibut (have you seen the price of halibut these days?  Yeesh!)
  • I used dill seed instead of dill weed.  The meat-eaters liked it with the seed.  It might be nice to see the little green dill fronds on top during service, though.

DH doesn't like fish if it isn't salmon, but he liked this!  Mr. 5 thought it was too "spicy."  Not sure if he was talking about the garlic or the lemon, but he liked the fish part.  He just didn't eat the top.  (That's why I think it was supposed to be a marinade instead of a crust.)  Even Mr. 3 ate it!  I served it with a spinach salad and sweet potato puree.  Keeping this one, but tweaking my technique...

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