Monday, March 5, 2012

Return of My Alter-ego...

Wow!  That was quite a week!  I had no idea how quickly Souperheroes would take off!  Thank all you new readers out there for following me!  I hope I don't disappoint with my boring ol' regular people food.  There will be more Souperheroes coming, though, don't worry!

So this week, after all that superhero food, my boys are still expecting everything to have a superhero theme.  I told them this was "Twisty Man Pasta."  Their minds are still reeling with ideas for his possible abilities.  "Hey Mama, do you think maybe he's really springy?"  "Hey Mama, do you think he is really stretchy?"  "Hey Mama, do you think he farts a lot?"  Yeah.  That's the world I live in.  This morning my eldest told his brother that when "all the kids grow up" superheros will be real.  Sweet Barney on a Horse!  That kid can't wait to grow up!  Until that time, when that most dastardly of all villains "Reality Man" rears his ugly head, there is Twisty Man!

Before this pasta was endowed with super abilities, he was a mild mannered experiment in which I tried combining gluten free corn pasta with toppings more likely found on a Mexican plate. I was hoping to highlight the corn flavor in the pasta.  It worked out pretty well!

Twisty Man Pasta
(4 Servings)
Corn Fusilli Pasta (I used Ritrovo Brand)
1 C cooked black beans
1 C chopped tomato
1/4 C chopped onion
Sour cream
salt and pepper to taste

Cook about half the bag of pasta according to package instructions.  Once the pasta is made and drained, you can either stir the beans into the pasta to heat them up, or if you want it all pretty like the picture, you can heat them separately.  Top with raw tomato and sprinkle with raw onion.  Little sour cream and voila!  A Mexican inspired Twisty Man pasta.

If you like cilantro (and I do not) you could add a sprinkle for a little something extra.  I will not debate you as to what that "something extra" is...

The boys love it and I do, too.  It would be good with some olives or maybe even guacamole!  Man, I wish I'd thought of that... Oh well, next time.  I'm sure I'll make this again before "all the kids grow up" and superheroes start flying past my window!


  1. If there is a Sir-Farts-A-Lot superhero, then I am all for it! His passing gas could enable him to fly. This is a compelling figure. And where is the villian for Reality Man? He needs to be destroyed!

    1. Well, Powdered Toast Man was pretty famous for his gaseous eruptions... Reality Man is the villain. Born in maturity the bane of adults everywhere.

    2. I despise Reality Man...

  2. haha, i LOVE that name! love the beans in it too

  3. I like your Mexican twist for Twisty Man! Such a bummer when Reality Man swoops onto the scene...

    1. Seriously. We gotta figure out what his kryptonite is...

  4. I noticed that Trader Joes now has corn based pasta! Is that what you used for this? How does it compare to *normal* pasta?

    1. I used Ritrovo brand that I got at QFC, I think... but I'm sure TJ's is great, too. It's a little chewier than normal pasta and the water gets quite a bit cloudier, I think the noodles hold up better and they're just dang pretty, too. Taste-wise they're not much different, maybe a little tiny bit "corny" but it would still taste good under tomato sauce.

  5. This really sounds tasty! I will definetly try it! Pinning it now :)


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