Sunday, April 21, 2013

Down a Little Road...

I know I don't usually do this kind of post, but my friend Liesl, who has the best taste of anyone I've ever met, just opened her new store in Tacoma.  We went down yesterday to the opening and I wanted to share a little with you guys!

She paints furniture, sews pillows, makes awesome lamps out of wine barrels. She also has some items on consignment and antiques.

 Loves me some Edison bulbs...

My son found some Scrabble jewelry that he liked.

This is Liesl and her husband Curtis.  Aren't they the cutest things?  =)

 Also, there were snacks.  Yummy snacks.

Her shop is located on the middle floor of Sanford and Son's in Tacoma, WA.  To learn more about her shop and her style, don't miss her website!  If you live in the greater Seattle area, she does home design and if you don't she has an etsy store, too!  Plus, if you want to do like I do and pretend we have tea every day in her Pinterest album, check it out!

Congratulations, Liesl!  Much luck in your new space!

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