Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Change of Plans...

 All week I have been working on a post about my favorite farmer's market, the Third Place Commons Farmer's Market in Lake Forest Park.  Ya'll know how I feel about it.  It was going to be like my previous braggadocios post, and it turned out really long and sort of annoying.  I realized by the end that I had highlighted exactly 15 vendors.  

You know what happens when a blogger sees a number divisible by 5?  That's right, a week's worth of posts!  I have decided to try to cook my way through next week using only vendors from my market  I will cook, photograph, and post on the same day.  It's salutes the freshness of the season, I think.  Or the insanity of the brain...  I'll highlight three different vendors every day and endeavor to make something beautiful out of it.

Though maybe not as beautiful as a little red-haired girl in fancy red boots playing an alto flute to raise money for a local animal shelter...  I don't think there is anything more beautiful than that.

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