Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I Learned in Photography Class

Tripods are good.

Props are good.

Pretty food is good.

Light is good.

Apparently, Viaducts are Bad...

All those things together make this happen:

I had a great time and came away with a lot of insight as well as some serious prop envy.  Thank you, Clare Barboza!


  1. And now I have photography envy. Thanks. <--glaring at you. These pics are great, Brooke! (and so is your advice: tripod, good lighting, and pretty food are you need). Now I just need a good camera...

  2. Cara, check your local camera shop. A lot of times they have used equipment for a very reasonable price. I'm headed out to mine as soon as possible to buy a new lens. Being in that group of ladies gave me total talent envy and lens envy. Lenvy?

  3. ooooooohhhh, great suggestion BBF Brooke. Yes, I think I am also breaking out in fever from a bad case of lenvy, myself...

  4. Love these photos Brooke! Great tips too :)

  5. Gorgeous photos and tips!! Sounds like a fun time.

  6. Thanks, Hannah! Clare is a great instructor and right downtown Seattle!

  7. I have prop envy now, too. And I totally need to take a photography class - my photos are so freaking boring it hurts.

  8. Ashlae, my class on on photographing in natural light. Clare has one in Feb on food/prop styling. That's the one I'm really excited about. I need to get my heinie in gear and sign up... As for props, I just went to CostPlus and bought a bunch of stuff and I'm constantly hitting the second hand stores. Pretty soon, I'm going to need to rent a studio downtown to store everything... o_O As for your pictures, I think they're great! They make me want to eat the stuff in them and that's the point, right?


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