Thursday, November 8, 2012

Support for Sandy

I don't do this kind of post... well... ever... but one of my favorite blogs, Jenn Cuisine, has teamed up with Creative Culinary to create this web event to support victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Basically they asked food bloggers to post a comfort food type dish and encourage readers to donate to the charity of their choice.  The link on the right goes to the Red Cross, since they're my favorite in times like this, but others include the Salvation Army and Feeding AmericaSave the Children is providing support specifically for children and the Humane Society is there doing their part for beloved pets. 

I am fortunate that none of my friends or family members on the East coast were much more than inconvenienced by the storm, though a friend of mine on the outer banks of NC saw a lot of water and more than her fair share of sand.  Many, many people out there cannot say the same.  The North East is basically on the brink of anarchy by some accounts.  At the very least, there are a lot of displaced, desperate people there right now.  There's not much I can do from way out here in Washington State except donate and ask you to do the same.

My dish is macaroni and cheese.  It's my kid's favorite.  Comfort food to the max.  No oven required.

Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese
Yield: 4-6 Servings
Calories: 6 bazillion 
1/2 lb dry macaroni noodles (I use whole wheat)
1/4- 1/2 C Milk (any fat content will do, I usually use skim, but whole is great, too!)
1/4 - 1/2 lb Medium Cheddar Cheese (I use Tillamook Brand, usually)
salt and pepper to taste
Optional: Sour Cream

Bring a pot of water to boil on the stove and add the macaroni.  Bring back to a boil and cook about 15-20 minutes, until pasta is tender, but not mushy.  Turn off stove, and drain pasta (do not rinse).  Return to stove, but leave heat off.  Add the first 1/4 C milk and stir to coat the noodles.  You can shred the cheese if you want it to melt faster, but I mostly just put vaguely uniform chunks into it.  Start with a quarter pound but you can go up to a half pound if you like yours really cheesy!  Turn the heat to low and cook until cheese melts and can be stirred into the pasta, about 5 minutes.  Add more milk as necessary.  Salt and pepper to taste.  If you would like to add sour cream, add it at the very end before serving.

Full disclosure, I really don't like baked macaroni.  I have had some I have liked, but as a whole, it's mushy, gloopy, eggy, and tastes like baked cheddar cheese.  I am not a fan of baked cheddar cheese.  This is the macaroni I grew up on (except for the whole wheat noodles).  It's so simple.  No roux, no preheating, just boiling and adding cheese.  I love it and my kids do, too.  If I could send a vat of it to New York I would.  Maybe next week I'll take up a donation for a macaroni vat.  Until then, I hope you will consider sending a donation to one of the more legitimate charities out there!


  1. I love this simple mac and cheese recipe! Thank you for sharing this! I found your blog through the linky from Jenn :) Your blog is beautiful!

    Nina | Mamabelly

  2. Your calorie count cracked me up. I also posted a mac and cheese recipe but decided that calories don't count when it is for a good cause. . . or do they? This looks so good.

    1. Is there anything more comforting and mac and cheese? I mean really. Except for a nice warm bath in chicken noodle soup. Also, I think good cause calories are like holiday calories. They totally don't count. ;)

  3. Lots of comfort here, Brooke!I laughed out loud at your calorie count, too. I would definitely add sour cream. :)

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Sour cream makes everything better. Well... maybe not a peanut butter sandwich, but everything else...


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