Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's SemiFail

I tried, ya'll.  I really did.  I've been looking in my box for anything that could be remotely related to St. Patrick's day.  I don't have anything even sorta Irish, so then I thought, OK, I'll do something green.  Apparently I've never put anything green into my recipe box besides cucumber soup, which is good, but better for Summer.  But then I remembered my Mom's Jello recipe.  I could  put green food coloring in it and make it all Irish and junk!  Then I realized I didn't have any jello.  But I did have agar and vegan marshmallows, so I could be all green and vegan and junk!  And what happens when you combine awesome jello salad with great agar jello and add green food coloring?  You get this:

Looks a little like guacamole, dunnit?

It tastes fine.  Not worth the calorie load, though.  The original recipe is so good.  The agar jello recipe is also very good.  The concoction above is a less than successful combination of the two.  I'm not going to suggest you make it.  But I am going to very highly suggest you try them separately.

Hubby has named Mom's recipe the following:

Grab-Bag O' Jello-y Goodness
3 oz lemon jello
1 C boiling water
1C cold water
1 or 2 large apples cored and diced
3/4 C miniature marshmallows
1/2 C walnuts
1/2 C diced celery
1/2 C mayo
1 T lime juice

Make jello following instructions on box.  *Chill till slightly thick, stirring occasionally.  Mix in the apples, celery, nuts, and marshmallows.  Combine mayo and lime juice in separate bowl and pour over jello.  Stir in.  Pour into 1 qt jello mold.  Refrigerate till set.  Unmold and serve.  *Or use quick set method...6 ice cubes instead of cold water.

Don't let the mayo throw you off.  You won't taste it, I promise.  This is so good.  You can easily sub pecans for the walnuts, too.  I don't make this very often so the boys haven't tried it, but hubs is a big fan!

Agar Jello
(Recipe from eHow.)
1 C fruit juice (per serving)
1 T agar agar (per serving)

Boil the juice and melt the agar into it, stirring consistently, until completely dissolved.  Pour into serving containers.  It will begin to set at room temperature, but you can also chill it.  It will be fully set in about an hour.

  • My grocery store was out of agar flakes, but I did find some strands.  I just pulsed the tar out of them in my blender until they were small, uniformish pieces and it works just fine.  
  • I've tried apple juice and orange juice.  They are both great!  Any other fruit juice would probably be good, too.
  • You can find agar in the Asian section of any well-stocked grocery store as well as online.

It's very nice, lower calorie, all natural, vegetarian, and easier to make than jello, in my opinion.  The boys love it and I make it regularly.

I promise you'll have better results than I did!

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