Monday, December 3, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Treats: Date Roll Ups

      Welcome back to the 12 Days of Christmas, friends!  This year I wanted to mix it up a little and fill out your Christmas trays with some of the other delicious Christmas treats I like to make!  There will be cookies, just not today...  I am also hoping my friend Cara Reed over at Fork and Beans can join me again this year, but it may be on a slightly different schedule. 

     For Day One, I thought I'd start with a date roll-up my Grandmother used to make.  It's a little bit cookie and a little bit treat!  It's not as sweet as most Christmas goodies, so the kids may not know what to think of them, but most adults will go bonkers for these, I promise!

Date-Cream Cheese Roll Ups 
Yield: about 60
1 C Butter
1/2 lb Cream Cheese
2 C Flour
1/2 t Salt
powdered sugar
pitted dates
finely chopped pecans

Cream butter and cream cheese.  Sift flour and salt.  Beat into butter mixture.  Chill for several hours.  Roll into 1/8 inch thickness on board sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Cut into 1X3 inch strips.  Fill center of dates with finely chopped pecans and place date on each strip and roll up.  Place cut side down on cookie sheet.  Bake at 375° for 15 minutes.  Roll in powdered sugar.

About 1 1/4 C pecans yielded the same amount chopped and filled about 60 dates.  It depends on how big the pits were in the dates you are using.  I suggest using dates that still have the pits in since they seem to yield juicier dates. Just slice it open and pop out the pit!  I like Medjool dates best.

I distinctly remember not liking these as a kid.  My kids will be distinctly remembering the same thing, I'm sure.  But as a grown up, I am grateful for a little palate cleanser in between bites of chocolate frosted sugar bombs!

You can now find Cara's super easy vegan and gluten-free upgrade at Fork and Beans!


  1. These sound delightful! If I make a slightly lighter outer layer with whole wheat flour it can actually be a great snack instead of being a treat right?

    1. Absolutely! You could omit the powdered sugar altogether, too!

  2. Rolled dates... sounds new to me. Can I use some ready made pastry?

    1. I would think a pie crust would work beautifully here. Ooh! Maybe even puff pastry! You may have to adjust baking time, of course! Let me know how it goes!


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