Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Treats: Lemon Squares

     My Mom had great taste in goodies.  And these were some of her very favorite for good reason! Lemon.  Squares.  Are.  Yummy.  Another flavor for your cookie tray that will mix it up a little.

Lemon Squares

2 sticks butter
1/2 C powdered sugar
2 C flour

4 eggs
2 C sugar
1 T flour
1/3 C lemon juice
1 t baking powder

     Mix pastry ingredients, press into 10X14 inch pan.  Bake 15 min. at 325°.  Beat 4 eggs slightly, add remaining ingredients, mix and pour on top of pastry.  Bake 40 minutes.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Cool and cut into squares.

So simple to make it's ridiculousSo delicious it's ridiculous.  


  1. Lemon squares are the best!! Your photos are so pretty - wish I could just pick a square up to devour.

    1. Thanks, Hannah! These were a little less tangy than most because I used homemade lemon juice. Very nice! PS, I've still got some if you want a couple delivered... ;)


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